A Ground Breaking Business Model, AI & Unique Data

We are an early stage (stealth) startup in the Digital Health space, focused on pharmaceutical / biomedical drug research & development, specifically on late stage clinical trials data.


Our team is comprised of world - class experts in Strategy, Business Model Innovation, Pharmaceutical Industry Expertise, Clinical Data Analytics, Clinical & Medical Sciences, AI, Machine Learning and Federated Data Management.

Artificial intelligence and blockchain_e


Our goal is to help large pharmaceutical companies and researchers discover new significant drug opportunities & indications through their and other clinical trials data. Thus, shorten time to market, increase efficacy evidence for drugs in market and collaborate internally and externally with others in clinical research and drug development space without sharing the actual raw data with each ither.

We intend to do that through discovering new drug opportunities, indications and more in clinical trials cross analysis, while helping manage the rights of the parties collaborating on the research. 

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